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Players Online: 321
Download adRo Installer - as of 01-02-2018
The adRo installer is all you need to begin your adventure!. Make sure that you patch the client after finishing your installation.

Magnet Link: (Lite Client) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A0875D39C40E81CB904B2C200D972623DF9EB1AA&dn=adro-lite.exe& - Help us seed the installer! :D
Full Client Setup (3.02GB)
- Mediafire (Not Available)
- Torrent (Not Available)
- Direct Link (Not Available)
Lite Client Setup (437MB)
- Mediafire (Available)
- Torrent (Lite Client) (Available)
- Google Drive (Not Available)
- Direct Link (Not Available)
Other Files (patches / grf)
- adro.grf Mediafire (Available)
- patcher.exe Mediafire (Available)
- system folder Mediafire (Available)
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